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Kingston Ridge is a popular and successful Scout Campsite. Are you interested in either or both:

Join the Service Crew and help to maintain and run the campsite?

Or becoming an Activity Instructor to run our Activities and to offer supervision and training to the users so that their skill and enjoyment of the activity is increased?

If you are interested in joining us, please let us know your contact details and an indication of how you can help by emailing to bookings@kingstonridgecampsite.co.uk.

The Service Crew are the backbone of the campsite. They undertake all of the general maintenance of the activities, facilities and camping areas. This includes: painting, servicing equipment, cutting grass, cleaning toilets, drinking tea.

The Service Crew also help out with day to day operation that includes setting up equipment when necessary, assisting with activities, etc.

Our current Crew is a fantastic team that put in a huge amount of work between them in order for the campsite to look as good as it does. They are the unsung heros. We welcome anyone interested in joining this team. Generally, you would be required at weekends and sometimes evenings or during the day. We generally notify the Crew when help is needed by text or email. We don't expect everyone to be always available but we do ask that people be prepared to help if they can.

We have 'Work Days' from time to time to undertake the bigger tasks and a 'Wednesday Crew' that attend the campsite every Wednesday for the more routine work. Without the Wednesday crew we would struggle to deal with the workload.

Our Activity Instructors run our main activities: Shooting (.177 CO2 powered air rifles), Archery (recurve bows), Climbing Tower (climbing, abseil, crate stacking, leap of faith, jacobs ladder, etc) and Zip Wire.

Some of our instructors are only qualified for one activity, some for more than one activity and some for all of our activites. As a new instructor you will be free to choose which activities you wish to focus upon. However, we are currently short of climbing instructors. We will be arranging a training session for new Climbing Instructors sometime very soon.

The instructors are responsible for the setting up of their activity, the equipment used for it, the safe operation of it, any training or instruction for the users, and the putting away when finished. They are expected to monitor the condition of the equipment and to maintain and repair as necessary.

As with the service crew, when instructors are required to run an activity session, the appropriate people will be notified in advance, usually by text or email, and those that are available will volunteer to run sessions. These are usually at weekends, sometimes evenings and occasionally during week days.

Our Wardens are recruited from the Service Crew as they will be intimately familiar with the campsite and the way that it operates. Currently we do not have vacancies for Wardens but in due course that is bound to change.

The Duty Warden will be responsible for opening and closing the campsite, meeting incoming campers and allocating camping areas etc. Any booked resources (tables, chairs, etc) will be provided. Check that booked activities and times required have not changed. Ensure that relevant instructors are available. Ensure that campsite rules are adhered to and that any cleaning duties are performed to required standard.

The Duty Warden is responsible for the safety of the campsite and all persons using it and he is fully entitled to demand that any activity cease immediately if it is deemed unsafe for users or damaging to the campsite.

As a member of the Crew - Warden, Service Crew or Instructor you will be a volunteer. However, we can offer some pretty good benefits: all the tea you can drink, the occasional free biscuit and free use of the campsite. You can't say fairer than that!