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The Lane.

We have recently received a serious complaint about reckless driving at speed along Lee Chapel Lane, our access road.

We do not have the authority to control speed along this lane but we advise anyone affected by such driving to report the matter to the Police immediately.

Clearly we do not want any of our visitors to have their trip spoiled by being arrested but neither do we want our neighbours injured or distressed.

The lane is very busy at all times of day with people walking, with and without dogs, bike and horse riders. If you encounter any of these users of the lane, please afford them the common courtesy of passing them with care and consideration. If necessary, stop whilst they make space for you.

In our experience, a suitable top speed along the lane, inside the gate, is 10MPH. This is easily achieved in most vehicles by engaging 2nd gear and allowing the vehicle to roll along in tick over. Speeds faster than this are likely to cause damage to your vehicle as it is basically a dirt road with an irregular surface. High speed gives enhanced potential for loss of control and there is also the possibility of flicking up stones. Either instance could cause injury to other road users.

Our other issue with visitors is their not closing the gate behind them (in and out). It is basic Country Code to close gates. If you leave this gate open then you leave us vulnerable to trespassers. Please close the  gate, even if you are 'only going to be 5 minutes'. In the case of a convoy arriving, please arrange for the rearmost vehicle to close the gate.

Please pass this message along to every driver in your party. Leaders, helpers, parents, whoever.

Your co-operation would be appreciated.


Work continues on the shower refurbishment but it is unlikely to be completed quickly. We want to do the job properly rather than rush it.

Climbing Tower

We may have issues with a shortage of climbing instructors for 2017. If you are thinking of booking climbing, please give us plenty of notice.

posted 7/3/17