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The Virtual Tour of Kingston Ridge Campsite.

This page is designed to give you a preview look around the campsite. It is not the same thing as being there but it might be helpful to potential users that are not able to pop over for a look around in person.

So, without further ado, here we go.

If you follow the directions on our How to Find Us page, you will find yourself driving along Lee Chapel Lane where you will come to a gate. If we are expecting you, the gate will be unlocked. Let yourself through and close again behind you. Continue along the lane for approximately half a mile.

The speed limit along the lane is 10 mph as it is a Bridle Way and you are very likely to encounter horse riders, cyclists, runners and walkers. If you do encounter other users, please pass them carefully and with consideration.

The main entrance gate.

You will find the campsite on the right hand side of the lane. There are two entrances. The main entrance is opened when we are expecting campers but if it is just the service crew onsite then probably just the smaller second entrance will be open. For this exercise we will go in through the main entrance.

We have recently upgraded this gate. It has been set back a little further from the lane and is wider. This makes it easier for larger vehicles to negotiate the entrance.

Our new Kingston Ridge sign.

Once inside the gate you are in the main car park. This is the view looking right. Recent landscaping has significantly enlarged this car park. The 'new' space is the brownish area by the trees to the right. It has been seeded and the grass is growing well.

As you come through the main gate, you will see the main field in front of you. This is our largest open area. It is a gently sloping field that does have flatish areas. 

Vehicular access onto this field is possible for loading and unloading, at the wardens discretion.This is dependant upon ground conditions and other actities that may be taking place at the time.

Before we go up the main field we will turn right at the main gate and go along the car park to our shooting and archery ranges. Shown here is the entrance to the ranges from the end of the car park. We have redeveloped the ranges, to extend the archery range we had to swap positions with the shooting range. This work is now largely completed with just some storage and cosmetic aspects outstanding.

To the left is the entrance and waiting area for the Shooting range. Turn right at the fence in front for the Archery range.

The shooting range has a timber shooting base that can accommodate up to 6 guns at any one time. We have .177 air rifles available for hire and qualified instructors to introduce you to air rifle shooting, or if you have shot before, we can improve your skills.

Both ranges are in a quiet corner of the campsite. So whilst waiting your turn you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the place.

The Archery range is the main object in the picture, note the shooting range to the left.

The Archery range has 3 butts and can accommodate up to 6 Archers at any one time.

The entrance and waiting area for the Archery range.

If it is necessary to have more butts or to shoot over a longer distance we can set up a temporary range elsewhere on the campsite.

To the left of the ranges you will find our campfire circle. Whilst the ranges are in use, this area will be closed off.

Leaving the campfire circle, we return to the main field.  The main field has two electric points, four standpipes and three fire bases. Shown here is one of the electric points. We are not connected to mains electricity but we do have a permanent generator onsite that you are able to use.

This is one of the fire bases.

At the top of the main field is a small area that we have designated for backwoods activities. It is a wooded area with small clearings.

From the top of the main field looking down the left hand side.

And down the right hand side.

Down the middle. The group of trees to the left of the picture is where you will find the ranges and camp fire circle.

Just above the woodpile in the Main Field you will find our picture of the Boss.

About halfway down the right hand side we come to the entrance to the sports field and the adventure playground.

Taking a detour through the adventure play area to show you some of the obstacles available. The items shown are permanent fixtures, these are freely available to campers with appropriate adult supervision. We have  cargo nets (climbing and crawling) that can be set up on request.

Looking back towards the main field.

Adjacent to the adventure playground is the area we call the sports field though it is available for camping.

Looking back towards the main field through the A frame for the main zip wire. This will be set up on request. About 90 metres long.

The standpipe in the sports field. All our standpipes are like this. Taps are fitted as and when needed.

Also adjacent to the sports field is our main backwoods area. This area is much larger than the top of the main field, with numerous areas ideal for backwoods camping.

Cooking fires are permitted in this area, subject to our rules and regulations. Please ask for details.

Leaving the sports field, heading back towards Lee Chapel Lane.

Just to the left of the track from the sports field is a new area that we have opened up just this year. It has been seeded and the grass is growing.

It is intended that this could be a patrol camping area or an activity area.

Just to the right of the track is an open area also available as a patrol camping area.

Adjacent to the patrol area is this enclosed fire base.

This firebase is another area that was opened up recently. We plan to install a permanant firebase here for the 2012 season.

Continue along the way and we find ourselves at the corner of the campsite where Lee Chapel Lane meets The Chase.

This area is not often used but is available for activities or games. It has quite a steep slope so is not really suitable for camping.

Swing around to the left, towards the main gate and we find the driveway up from the second entrance.

This is the entrance the service crew generally use for work days.

Looking across the driveway, we see the family field.

At the bottom of the family field is the overflow car park. This is accessed by turning left as you come in through the main gate and crossing the ditch via a bridge.

Looking up the family field. Note our climbing tower on the right hand side, in its stowed position.

As we go up the family field, to the left we see the entrance to the Beast field. This small field got its name from the time when Beast members were the only people that ever used it.

A view of the Beast field. Beyond the hedge at the back of the field is the new area that I mentioned earlier, and beyond that is the sports field.

This is the site generator. With a capacity of around 38kVA it is capable of powering all of our usual requirements.

The toilet and shower blocks are located in the family field. Both blocks have a Gents urinal to one side.

This is one of our flush loo cubicles. Both blocks have 5 cubicles. The 'old' block has one cubicle with disabled and wash facilities and one of the standard cubilces also has wash facilities. The 'new' block has a cubicle with disabled and wash facilities.

The doors to the toilet blocks are fitted with hand basins and soap dispensers. All hand basins are provided with both hot and cold water. The hot water is only available when the generator is running.

This is one of the four shower cubicles. We have one that is significantly larger to facilitate disabled access.

Due to limitations with my camera, this was the best picture of the showers that I was able to take.

And that is just about it. Thank you for accompanying me on this little tour, I hope that it proves helpful.

Please refer to the price list for details of charges for camping and the other facilities.

If you do have any questions about bookings or the facilities available, please do not hesitate to ask. If you wish to take a look around in person, please make an appointment via bookings@kingstonridgecampsite.co.uk or the bookings line on 07757 810891.

We look forward to seeing you soon.