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Facilities - This page gives information and illustrations of the main facilities available at Kingston Ridge Scout Campsite.

Map of Kingston Ridge Campsite

We now have a map showing the layout of the campsite including the whereabouts of water and electric points. Click here to download a pdf version.

Toilets and showers - Please note that our showers are out of service until further notice (21/9/16).

We have two toilet blocks.

The original block contains 5 cubicles with flush loos. The innermost also has wash facilities, this cubicle is generally reserved for ladies and girls. Attached to the outside of this block is the gents urinal.

The new block on the other side of the field houses 5 toilet cubicles, the innermost has wash facilities.This block also houses our 4 shower cubicles.

Both toilet blocks include disabled user facilites.

Both blocks have a gents urinal outside.

Entrance to the gents urinal.

Shown here are the facilities in each toilet cubicle. One toilet cubicle in each block is equipped with disabled access facilities. Some toilet cubicles are also equipped with wash facilities.

The new showers. Three cubicles this size and one larger to accomodate disabled users.

Electricity supply – unfortunately we are not connected to the mains electricity supply. All electricity is supplied via an on-site 38kVA generator. Electricity points have been made available to most of the site, obviously these will only be functional when the generator is in operation.

There will be a charge for use of the generator, please refer to our price list for cost of usage. Please note that the charge for generator use may increase without notice  if the cost of diesel fuel significantly increases.

Note that the Warden will start and stop the generator as required, just let him know your requirements in good time.

If you require use of the showers then you will also have to book the generator as the shower heaters and pumps are electrically powered.

Fires – fires are only allowed on the fire bases provided, please ask if you wish for fires in the backwoods camping area.

We will be installing more firebases around the campsite in time for the 2012 season.

There is usually a good supply of wood available in our wood pile.

Waste Disposal – All waste must be taken away with you. The local refuse disposal trucks do not visit our site.

Cars – are allowed onto the camping areas for loading and unloading only, at the wardens discretion. All vehicles must be removed from the camping area to the car park as soon as loading/unloaded has been completed.

Please note that if the ground is very soft then cars will not be allowed onto the camping areas.

Cars may be parked on the family field at the discretion of the warden.

There is a strict speed limit of 5mph,
please adhere to this to avoid accidents.