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The Lane.

Please check our Notices page for advice and guidance for drivers using Lee Chapel Lane to access the campsite.

Current camping form for Scouts and Guides
Current day booking form for Scouts and Guides
Price List for Scouts and Guides
New Combined Parental Permission Form
Scout Association Code Of Conduct (Yellow Card)
Campsite Charges (pdf)
Extract of The Firearms Act 1968, Section 21.

There are things that you will expect of us upon your arrival at the Ridge and there are things that we will expect of you during your stay. Please take a look at the checklist, below.

Campers checksheet

Please let us know if you experience any difficulty downloading or using these forms.

Welcome Pack

If this will be your first time at Kingston Ridge, we have a welcome pack available to read that will give you a lot of information about the campsite and the facilities and amenities in the area. Just ask the Duty Warden for a copy - yours for the duration of your stay on payment of a modest deposit, refundable when the welcome pack is returned to us.

Scroll down for booking forms and instructions.

If you experience difficulties downloading or completing the forms, please call the bookings line (07757 810891) for assistance.

Our booking procedure is this:

1. Check that the campsite is available for your preferred date, call or email.
2. Complete the appropriate booking form and email it to bookings@kingstonridgecampsite.co.uk. Print the summary page of the camping booking form or the first page of the day visit form and post it to the address on the form together with your deposit cheque.The page printed out will have your contact details etc to simplify identification of the sender and booking.
3. We print two copies of the booking form, one for our file and one to go to the campsite so that the duty warden has the details of the booking available. We can also email a copy of the form to the duty warden if necessary.
4. Confirm your ETA the day before your arrival.

Campsite Availability for New Bookings.

Please note that Kingston Ridge is available for most dates for the 2016 season but the following dates are not available:

to be updated soon

Limited/No Availability of Instructors

to be updated soon

Deposit Cheques for Regular Users.

If you plan to use Kingston Ridge more than once this season, please let us know and we will keep your deposit cheque on file to avoid having to keep sending one in for each booking.

For Scout or Guide Groups the deposit is £25.

Deposit cheques to be made payable to: Kingston Ridge Campsite.

Private Party and Event Bookings

We do accept some private parties such as wedding receptions etc. However, these are strictly rationed and your event will still have to conform to our rules. Please contact our Bookings Secretary to discuss your requirements.

Tel: 07757 810891 or via bookings@kingstonridgecampsite.co.uk.

Booking Forms.

Please download a form each time you make a booking. Don't re-use locally stored forms as development of our forms is an ongoing process and changes may have been made since your last booking.

Before you send in your booking form, please contact us to ensure that the site and any activities wanted are available on the dates required.

We can make a provisional booking via phone, text or email. But please note that your booking will not become a confirmed booking until we receive a completed booking form and deposit. Any provisional booking will be automatically cancelled after 1 month if it is not confirmed.

The deposit serves two separate functions. In the first instance it secures your booking but when you arrive onsite its function changes to that of 'damage/cleaning bond'. It will not form part of your payment for use of the site - full payment is required prior to departure. We will hold the bond for approximately one week after departure against any damage that may have occurred during your stay or if we have to clean up afer you. If there is no damage or cleaning problems then your bond will be either destroyed or returned to you. Please refer to booking form for details.

Whilst we will generally try to accommodate short notice bookings, we cannot guarantee the campsite, activity or instructor availability under these circumstances.

Please allow a reasonable amount of time for a response to your booking or enquiry but if you do not receive a response then please do chase us up, with a phone call if necessary.

Please note that you will need Adobe Acrobat to be installed on your pc to read and print pdf documents.

If you do not have Acrobat installed then key in 'Adobe Acrobat' to your preferred search engine and you will find plenty of locations from where you can download this application free of charge.

The booking form is an Excel spreadsheet. If you do not use Excel then a good (and free) alternative is Open Office. Plenty of places to download it from will be found by use of a search engine.

For any bookings query, please contact John Dodd.

Tel: 07757 810891 or via bookings@kingstonridgecampsite.co.uk.