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Our Activities.

We are able to offer the following activities:

Climbing tower - climbing, abseil, crate stack, Jacobs ladder, wobbly pole, etc

Climbing tower currently being refurbished and is therefore Out-of-Service until further notice. March 2016.

Zip Wire
Adventure Playground - basic playground free, scramble nets chargeable
Slack line system
Beaver Crag. Ground abseiling for Beavers
Nerf guns, plastic sucker cross-bows and sucker re-curve archery system for Beavers.
Please scroll down for details.

Please note that if you wish to use your own instructors for our activities then firstly  you must provide evidence that your instructors hold the appropriate qualifications and also you must provide your own equipment. If you need to use our equipment then our instructors come with it.

You must use our instructors for the zip wire.

Climbing Tower - at 43 feet high (11m) this is one of the highest climbing towers in Essex and is probably the highest folding tower in the country.

It is triangular in section and thus offers two climbing walls. The north wall is also the abseil wall. The south wall also has an extension at the top taking it to almost 50 feet high (13m). The top section also (optionally) folds out to create an overhang.

Both walls are fitted with clips to permit lead-climb training.

The tower is also fitted with a boom to facilitate supports and belay points for activities such as Jacob's Ladder, the Leap of Faith, Crate Stacking, Pole Climbing, etc.

A ladder fitted inside the tower permits access to the top for abseiling. There is also a 'chimney' installed inside the tower so you can chimney up and abseil down.

This is a monster of a climbing wall. Rock solid in use it provides an excellent, stable platform ideal as an introduction to climbing for beginners. It also has sufficient scope for more advanced users to practice their technique.

Click here to download a movie clip of the tower being winched into position and here for a clip of climbing on the tower and here for a clip of crate stacking.

We have a team of fully trained instructors and all necessary equipment for Cubs upwards. Sorry, no Beavers on the climbing tower though they may use the Bouldering Wall. We do have plans to introduce an abseil facility suitable for Beavers, watch this space.

If you have your own instructors and equipment, you are welcome to use them rather than ours.


Inside the tower we have fitted a simulator for practicing the chimney technique. Shown here next to the access ladder.

Leap of Faith

This is where you can test your nerve and develop your trust in the equipment and your belay. The leap of faith platform (just big enough to stand on) is mounted on the nose of the tower approximately half-way up at about 20' high. Suspended from the boom in front of you is a trapeze. You must leap from the platform and grab the trapeze. Your belay will then lower you to the ground.

It sounds easy but when you stand on that platform it is quite daunting. However, it can be done.

This facility can also be used for investitures.

We can currently offer 'Jacobs Ladder' and 'Pole Climbing' where these are suspended from the tower boom.

The picture shows a couple of guys climbing up using Prussic loops.

This is a monster of a climbing wall, the highest folding tower in Essex, if not the UK - rock solid in use but not for the faint-hearted!

Crate Stacking.

The new Kingston Ridge record stack, 22 crates high, recently set by a Scout from 1st Braintree.

Bouldering or Traverse Wall.

Located adjacent to the climbing wall, this 3 sided wall is a good introduction and warm up for climbing activities.

Zip Wire.

We have a big zip wire that can be set up along the north edge of the sports field. To download movie clips showing zip wire in use click here: original clip, rider clip, tandem rider clip.

Please note that the zip wire has now been upgraded. We now have a permanent launch platform. It is higher and longer than previously. Click on the above links to download movie clips.

Not available to Beavers, sorry. However, we do have a mini zip in the adventure playground that Beavers are welcome to use.

This is the Zip wire braking system. Designed to bring riders to a safe and controlled stop at the end of an exciting ride.

Adventure Playground.

This activity has been extended with new items added and some of the older items improved for the 2014 season.

Adjacent to the sports field is an adventure play area.

Most of the obstacles are permanently available. The scramble nets must be booked if required, as they are set up on request.

There will be a charge for those items that have to be set up but not for the permanent items.

Please note that this area may only be used under adult supervision. If you need us to supply supervisors or instructors a fee will be charged, currently £10 per hour.

These pictures show a representative selection of the equipment and obstacles available in the Adventure Playground.


Shooting Range purpose built shooting range for air rifle shooting. It will have a covered shelter from which to shoot.

We have fully qualified instructors and 0.177 air rifles available for either beginners or improvers. If you have your own equipment and instructors it is possible to hire the range only for a reduced fee.

The range is fully enclosed in a quiet corner of the Campsite.

Click here to download a movie clip of the shooting range in use.

The entrance to the Shooting range and waiting area. This is also the access way to the Archery range.


Our new Archery range is now ready for service, adjacent to the shooting range.

The Archery range is fully enclosed in a quiet corner of the Campsite.

We have fully qualified instructors and a range of Archery equipment available to suit both beginners and improvers. If you have your own equipment and instructors, it is possible to hire just the range at a reduced fee. The range is equipped with 3 butts and is configured to permit shooting at distances of up to 25m.

Note the adjacent shooting range - to the left of the picture.

The entrance and waiting area for the Archery range.


New for the 2011 season, we have orienteering packs that are available for hire to use on our orienteering course.

Currently aimed at beginners, this pack contains pads, pencils, compass and instructions for use. It will take you all around Kingston Ridge Campsite and so give you and ideal chance to explore.

Ask the Duty Warden for details.

Slack Line

A slack line system is basically a low level tight-rope system, except that it is not a rope but a strap.

This will be set up in the Adventure Playground and will be a Leader supervised activity. If you need us to provide supervisors, this will be at our standard rate of £10 per hour (plus the activity charge).

Details are limited at the moment but as soon as they are available they will be posted here together with pictures.

Beaver Towers.

Our popular playground equipment for younger members has been extended for the 2016 season. Now approximately twice the size as previously. Free to use. Centrally located to facilitate easy supervision.

Beaver Crag.

This is an exciting activity for Beavers. They will be fitted out with climbing harness and helmet and they then abseil down the slope.

Picture not yet available

Shooting and Archery for Beavers

Because Beavers are too small to safely handle the equipment on our main ranges, we have provided alternative system that are suitable for them.

Nerf guns - these fire soft foam 'bullets' at knock-down targets.

Cross-bows - these fire rubber sucker tipped bolts at knock-down targets.

New for 2016

Re-curve bows - these are realistic bows that fire realistic arrows (tipped with rubber suckers). Just like the real thing.

Campfire Circle.

The campfire circle is located adjacent to the shooting ranges, off of the main field. It has a fire base and seating around.

Please check with the Duty Warden if you wish to use the campfire circle.