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Sword of the Kings

Some Habits during their challenge

This night activity was loosely base on the novel 'Lord of the Rings' a story in three parts 'The Fellowship of the Ring', 'The Two Towers' and 'The Return of the King'. It is the story of a ring created by an evil sorcerer. It had been lost for many years but was found by a Hobbit. The Hobbits were charged with the task of taking the Ring to Mound Doom and casting it into the volcano to effect it's destruction. The three books chart their progress.

Habits completing one of the puzzles

Our trilogy started two years ago with the Yellow Ship of the King. On this event the Habits successfully found the remains of the Yellow Ship and on it was the Sword of the Kings, a powerful magical artifact. After many adventures, they took it to a meeting to discuss what must be done with it. At this meeting it was realised that the Sword had been corrupted and was now evil and must be destroyed. It was taken to the forgemaster who attempted to destroy it. At the time it was believed that it's destruction had been accomplished but it later transpired that it had only been melted down.

Habits with the King of the Dead

In the second part, The Blue Flowers, a year later. The Habits had to venture to the land called Rattle Wyrpack where they had to prepare the way for the destruction of the evil sorcerer and his tower, with the assistance of an organisation called The Blue Flowers. The finale of this event saw the Habits sending a barrage of water bombs down on the tower to see off the sorcerer.

Habits lighting the Beacon

This year, with The Red Tern on the Wing, the Habits had their last outing. Hiking across the marshes, solving puzzles to earn clues for later problems at the place called Holeren Tiel. Once there they had to search a battlefield for a lost amulet and batter down a magical wall to retrieve the remains of the sword from it's place of safe keeping. From there they had to make their way to the Land of the Dead to gain the assistance of the Dead King, but first they had to help him as he had been displaced from his rightful position and his brain was missing. Then they went on to meet the Red Terns, but to find them they had to find their way through the maze with a special rope and the shufti-scopes. The Red Terns agreed to stage a diversion and, to signal the start of this, the Habits were to crawl through a secret tunnel near the Pits of Zoom and light a beacon. The diversion would distract attention from them and enable them to access the Pit and cast in the remains of the sword. It was a difficult challenge but they all succeeded. 

Habits casting the remains of the Sword of the Kings into the Pit of Zoom

A Red Tern

More Habits

Igor, lurking in the bushes.

Our DC presenting the prizes and certificates the following morning. It is pouring with rain.

Pitsea and Vange Scout Group - 1st place

8th Basildon Scout Group - 2nd place

Great Berry Scout Group - 3rd place

17th Basildon Scout Group 'B' team - 4th place

17th Basildon Scout Group 'A' team - 5th place

Pitsea St Michael Scout Group - 6th place

Genesis Explorer Unit - 'B' team - 1st place

Genesis Explorer Unit - 'A' team - 2nd place

A Habit that failed in his mission!

The Scores on the doors:

Pitsea and Vange           240 points
8th Basildon                  230 points
Great Berry                   221 points
17th Basildon B             212 points
17th Basildon A             211 points
Pitsea St Michael           199 points

Genesis B                     252 points
Genesis A                     236 points

Points were awarded for the following categories:

Costume bonus

BEAST would like to thank the Scout Groups and their leaders, the kids, our helpers, the Parks Authority for permission to use their land and anyone else that contributed in any way to the success of this event.

On the day, the event ran very smoothly and everyone enjoyed themselves. Even the rain held off until the Sunday.

We were all very tired on Sunday and were glad to get home for some rest. The kids were especially tired, but then if they had actually gone to sleep that might have been different...

Until next time, watch this space.

BEAST - Basildon Events and Activities Service Team.

Chairman-Steve Warman